I land in Doha, Qatar after 14 hours in the air from Houston. Luckily, Qatar airlines is amazing-comfortable seats, earplugs, socks and eyemask in coach-Lucky for me as there are screaming children all around.  I land in a fog and we take a bus to another terminal past these amazing buildings that look like a fancy hotel-not at ALL like airport buildings in the US. Inside, there is a \HUGE

duty-free with chocolates, alcohol, laptops, DVD players, jewelry.

I have on black pants and tank top with a shawl but after some kids whistle at me, I realize it’s time to put on my jacket but, damn, it’s hot!  But, lesson learned, when in doubt-cover up.

I go and change after a wet-wipe shower (thank you, Burning Man skills!) then find the Oryx Lounge which is like a first-class airport lounge complete with showers, internet access and amazing food!

I meet a fellow traveler in the lounge who is moving from the US to work in Colombo and we exchange information-as much of an adventure as I think I’m on-it pales in comparison to hers! We decide to make the best of this lounge and watch each other’s baggage as we take turns showering.  It feels like that first shower after a week on the playa!! So, just a bit more time to kill blogging and I’m off!

It is here that I write this-trying to stay awake for my flight at midnight which will get me to Colombo, Sri Lanka in 8 hours…….

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