Surfing in Sri Lanka?

3 hours south of Colombo is a small fishing village that also happens to have great surfing. Hikkaduwa is just at the end of their season but the surf is good and beach amazing. 

Uduil came referred to us from a guy who works for the President’s son (in what capacity, I”m not sure!). He owns the Harbour Inn, Bar and Restaurant with a great outside bar and ample beach chairs walking distance from board rentals.

Uduil is 31 but looks 21 and has long, long eyelashes and a flirtatious, gap toothed smile.  He is the hardest working man in Hikkaduwa-booking rooms, cooking food, setting up lounge chairs, etc but always catches a chill moment for a smoke and good conversation.

He takes us boogie boarding and we go out among the surfers who’ve dyed their thick, black hair all shades of blonde and who hoot and holler that he has 2 girls in tow. 

The surf shop serves us brandy before we head out and I leave my journal for them to write notes to me. Some exerpts:

From Humara “Hikkaduwa beach is the best smile in the world. An idea of Hikkaduwa-we are good friends and we are honest people. We get fun from you and give good fun to you”

From Uduil “Smoke and fly….”

Awiz says “Happiness if a way of traveling not a state of your mind.”

Uduil then takes us snorkeling on the north end of the beach where there is coral right off of the beach filled with fish and turtles!!! We see a HUGE turtle and Uduil grabs onto it for a ride (not so eco-friendly I know) and we swim after a smaller turtle that takes off.  In the middle of all of this excitement I forget how shallow the water is and a wave takes me into the coral and I tear up my leg quite a bit.  After Uduil realizes I’m bleeding, we head to shore for more brandy as he squeezes a lime right into the cuts to sanitize the area (OUCH!!)  But, the lime juice works since the redness and puffiness disappears within the hour and the cuts heal in a week.

That night I learn new poi moves and as we sit under the stars smoking and listening to the waves….I think Awiz’s advice  is right!

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