Who you calling Dinghy???

I’m not much of a sailor yet somehow I ended up as crew on a 2 person GP14 boat in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  A new friend took us to the Colombo yacht club and one of the sailors needed crew. Andrew is an American guy with a new handlebar moustache that he grows as a joke on his wife.  Ironically (or not) his boat is named “Machismo”.  I accept the offer to crew since I figure this guy can’t be all that serious about his sailing. 

Andrew is pretty laid back even after I ask him what “tacking” is and he realizes what he’s gotten himself into!

We did 4 sets of races with 5 buoys and our only set-back was having to do a 720 penalty (a 2 turn penalty for fouling another boat while racing).

I love the feeling of the wind and how cool it is to lean way back and make turns.

We actually beat my friend Hans who takes his sailing seriously and come out dry and unscathed!!

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