Found in my journal…..

As in all of my travels, I carry around a worn, leather journal around with me and it usually sparks the curiosity of the people around me.  I’ve taken it to the beach in Ko Samui, to a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, to the Gellert bathhouse in Budapest and to the feet of the seated Buddha in Sri Lanka.  After awhile, I realized it would be far more interesting for me to just allow people to write in it than for me to try and capture their words of advice, caution or humor.

Here are a few excerpts from my travels in Sri Lanka:

“ Autumn-when you poke the fire, do not look at the mantelpiece!!”- Sundry

“Be happy within yourself.  It is the only way to give happiness to others. Love yourself first, it is the only way to love others”- Ranjit Jananetti

This one is from a guy who insisted I show him my fire spinning.  I took my poi to practice on the beach and found that a lot of Sri Lankans (especially in the surfing communities) are way better at poi than I ever hope to be.  But, very few women there do it and they were fascinated that I did and would ask me to show them only to then have them follow me with amazing performances. One of these guys wrote me the following:

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“Dear Autumn.  It was very great time with you. You make us very funny. It is too difficult to departure from you.  We will looking forward which your coming with your friend to here. As well as we got fun by looking your fire ball”  -Asanka.

And- my favorite from a sweet, big guy at the surf shop in Hikkaduwa.  He drew a large sun and waves on top of his note saying…..

“Hi, I’m Humara.  I met 2 girl from Harbour (our hotel). They from USA-that is u.  A good friend I met. I’m from Sri Lanka.  I think you had a nice time in Sri Lanka and I hope you get really good time in Hikkaduwa.  So I can give you an idea about Hikka- that means we are good friends and we are honestly people.  We get a fun from you and we give a fun to you.  Anyway, we hope you are interest about us.  Hope to see you again.  We are very sorry if something wrong from us.  I wish you to having a good, healthy and funny life in your future.  Humara. Hope to see you again”

How can you not love a culture who produces complete strangers who write such genuine messages??

One thought on “Found in my journal…..

  1. Uduil and the boys rock!!! I spent a wonderful 10days in Hikkaduwa march/april and had the pleasure of partying with the guys most evenings! Lots of wonderfull memories.. I have had a very pleasurable read on your blog! excellent!

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