Goa-beautiful beaches-scary toilets!

My travels start in Palolem in south Goa reported to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa and one of the most calm.  The long, windy, bumpy taxi ride from the airport 1100 INR or $23 leads me to the over-priced San Francisco beach shacks but not before walking past many wild pigs and what the taxi driver called “Goan toilets”.

What’s a Goan toilet I asked??

Basically, a Goan toilet is an outhouse of sorts, made of cow dung bricks, where a hole in the floor serves as the toilet and a ditch leads to a trough behind the outhouse where the pigs eat the waste.

I thought he was joking until I saw a man enter one and a bunch of happy, hungry swine rush to the back in hopes of a meal.  I think this explains vegetarianism in India and certainally confirmed mine.  Because most food comes in a thick sauce where it’s impossible to decipher just what kind of meat you were getting, we all thought it better to stock to veggies.

The San Francisco beach shacks were a shit hole (pun intended).  For 1100 INR a night, it was a total rip off.  Too tired to hike down the beach with backpacks, we decide to suffer through a night and move tomorrow.  My Burning Man tent has better facilities.  The walls were haphazardly built and you could see right into your neighbors room through the gaps in the wood.  The floor was made up of a patchwork of different laminate tile and the bathroom had a showerhead over the toilet and plastic stapled to the wooden walls.

Our walk down the beach and into other huts tells us we over paid and set up a place at the Bridge and Tunnel for just 700 INR a night for a nicer room on the rocks overlooking the beach.  There is an Ayurvedic doctor nearby who does massage and treatments and who has the cutest daughter in the world.  For 1500 INR or about $30 you can get an hour an 1/2 massage that is pure bliss. He is also a yoga teacher and has classes on the top of Neptune Point 4 times a day.  I do the sunrise (7am) and sunset classes for 250 INR each day.

Neptune Point is the sight of the “Silent Noise Parties” that Goa has in the high season-touted as “India’s original headphone party”


Unfortunately, the last party was just on Sat so we miss out!

However, we do find cocktails and great food at Paradise and loved the ultra cool Nepalese staff who plugged in our IPODs and LOVED the Space Cowboy Breakfast of Champions mix!


So, we do what you do best on the beach in Goa-just chill……

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