First off, if you don’t get it from my Yogini byline-I am a yoga devotee and amateur instructor (to the most amazing women I must say!!).  While I got into yoga for the immediate physical benefit (and because every San Franciscan has a yoga mat strapped to their back as a cool accessory)-I found a much deeper meaning in the practice.

Now, my asana practice has grown into a more holistic yoga practice and I meditate daily and happily chant loudly in class –Thank you Rusty Wells- to Ganesha, Durga, Shiva and a host ot Hindu deities.

Yoga has gotten me through unemployment, heartbreak, my dad’s accident and following surgeries, and my own self doubt.  It is on the mat that I find comfort and strength through flexibility.  God knows what a terror I’d be without my yoga and certainly I wouldn’t be fun to hang out with.

So, my journey (and unexpected unemployment) leads me to Mother India.

Admittedly, I went to “easy” India-to Goa, a state with long stretches of beaches developed 500 years ago as a Portugese outpost which still bears the marks of colonial rule.  Hindu legend has it that Goa was created by the god Parasurama-one of the incarnations of Vishnu-the preserver.  After years of avenging his father’s murder, Parasurama sought a place to rest and shot his arrow towards the Arabian Sea and decided to rest wherever it landed.  It landed Benaulim where the sea retreated, and the coastal plain was revealed.

Sounds good to me…

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