People I’ve met in Sri Lanka-well, just the cool ones

Strange things happen when you travel.  Each interaction has more meaning and it may be due to your own relaxed state of mind or the natural curiosity that we all have when plunked down in a foreign environment.  Suddenly, I feel myself in long conversations with perfect strangers because, hey, it’s not like I have to rush off to work or anything! It’s amazing what you can find out when not limited to a typical short interaction.  Suddenly, you find yourself in rapt conversation with someone you may have originally pegged as boring. Two such people I met in a loud Sri Lankan club (A Museum) having been introduced by some Marines I’d been hanging out with.  Tyler and Devin are Canadians working with child Tamil soldiers to rehabilitate them back into society.  The noisy, crowded bar we were in didn’t allow for much conversation.  Luckily, I ran into them again at the mall and could learn more about them and their work at the WUSC-World University Service of Canada who are an NGO giving vocational training since the tsunami.  They are stationed in the east where the Tamil conflict is at it’s highest.  Here’s a pic of Tyler who was nice enough to allow me to play with my Lomo Fish Eye on him!

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