Vegas, baby, Vegas

It’s hard to say “No” to an invite to go to Vegas.  While I’m not a gambler (despite having friends who are pros), it’s hard to say no to a weekend in Sin City.  My friend Karen was hosting a weekend for her husband’s 40th and the rest of my Pittsburgh running crew joined in.  I’ve known these girls for over 10 years back when we were all marathon runners. We’ve stuck together through thick and thin quite literally.  A weekend with them is just what I need after returning from India to no job and rainy weather!

Eileen has a room for us at the posh Bellagio and Karen’s sister scored us entry into the The Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay.  Since we don’t need to worry about scoring a place to go out, we are free to gamble (as was the case with Dawn and Jamie), eat and do poolside photo shoots with my parasol (gotta have props!)

I ran into some friends working a spa convention (one guy sells soy candles, one guy sells robes-seriously) and we made the most of the rooftop.  The DJ rocked and we crashed a bachelor party with a groom that looked strangely like the vampire guy from the Twilight Series.  He danced with us and allowed us to wear his Viking hat (props to HIS use of props!)

We then left for the hotel where Dawn and Jamie played craps, Heather went off to call her man and I drunkenly stumbled back to my room.  After a month of cleansing in India-I’m not ready for drinks in Vegas.

Sunday begins with Jim attempting to find Catholic Mass to attend (????), failing, then coming back with a case of beer and Playboy!  I read it poolside (just for the articles, I swear!) and Jim had to pry it from my hands as he and Kyle went off to get tics for the Holly Madison show- Peepshow. Eileen and Dawn went off to see the latest Cirque O and Heather and I wandered around, shopped and found some Elvises.

Everyone hooked back up for come gambling and then we scored free entry for everyone into The Bank from a cute young boy named Sid Howard from (he gives out free passes and Ladies get a free round of shots) -but it ended up having blaring music and a crowd of 20-something hoochies waiting in a long line.  We opt instead for Caramel with it’s lounge and funky beats.  Next thing we know, we meet a group of Aussies on another bachelor party and this Adam Sandberg look-alike.

I end up pulling an all-nighter thanks to my 6am flight and we all fly off to different coasts, a little sunburned and with a little less dignity but our friendships even more solid!

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