Soul Sister

I am really clueless on pop culture.  While I like things like Burning Man, the art of Banksy and music from Muytator-I don’t kow who the “Twilight” actors are, I don’t watch TV and not only don’t I have a Tumbler account-I have no idea what that even is!  My friend Kristin is ‘big’ in the blogger world and is desperately trying to help me become a modern girl (hence this very blog!)  But, despite her efforts, I’m clucless on what’s hip.

So, when I ran into the guys from “Train” at Cafe Claude in San Francisco on Bastille Day, I was not as impressed as one would expect.  I used to cocktail waitress at the The Fillmore, so I recognized the mix of tattoos, expensive watches and $300 jeans when the bass player and ukulele player sat beside us at the bar.  After comparing cell phones (my Blackberry Storm vs. the new, “unreleased” Blackberry they had) we talked about Bastille Day (anagram for Styled Labia according to Jimmy) and the Master Cleanse (Hector made it all 14 days).  Finally, they told us who they were and said “We have the #1 song in the world right now”-then proceeded to sing “Soul Sister”.  I haven’t had a car for the past 6 months, and never listen to the radio so I had NO IDEA what this song was.

These poor guys kept singing the song baffled that I had no idea what it was!! Luckily, the friend I was with is a little more hip to top 40 and saved us. But, don’t think I got my foot out of my mouth that quickly as Jimmy informed us the song is about Burning Man written by the lead singer.  I thought this was coo, and more in my comfort zone, until he explained the singer has NEVER BEEN to Burning Man but wrote the song after some You Tube videos he’s seen of the event!!  I had to counter that one CANNOT write a song about something like Burning Man without having actually attended Burning Man.

Making friends left and right here….

Luckily, the guys were cool and we got to see clips from their new video with a great, unexpected ending!!  Let’s just say the groom isn’t always who you would think.

All in all, I appreciated meeting such cool guys and it made me realize there IS good mainstream music made by talented artists.

Train-you are invited to my Burning Man camp if you ever decide to find out what it is REALLY all about!!

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