90% chance of Patchouli in Tahoe

This past weekend, a bunch of yogis and I headed up to Wanderlust in Tahoe for yoga, music, meditation and overall hippy-ness.  Luckily, the great crew I was staying with (most from Urban Flow Yoga) were cool enough to send out emails which included deciding who was bringing what alcohol-so I knew it would be fun.

In addition to wonderful classes taught by local instructors like Rusty Wells, Janet Stone, Les Leaventhal and the very funky  Giselle Mari we had music by Moby, the Brazillian Girls and Bassnectar.

They had a flow toys station with LED poi, hula hoops and other toys as well as a cuddle puddle which is key when you’re dealing with a bunch of hot yogis-I mean, why be half naked in a room full of hot people if there’s no cuddling involved??

The best part was the hot tubbing at High Camp at Squaw which was soon filled with lovely yogis circling up to give each other back massages while running in circles to create a whirlpool!   Yoga guru Duncan Wong exclaimed at some point “Someone is grabbing my boob!!”

It was all clean fun and games albeit with alot of touching and sweating -and, I came home with sore hips from all of the classes.

But, if coming home sore with a suntan -great additions to my playlist-and an open heart isn’t a good weekend- I don’t know what is!

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