Covering the world in leather…

NO this is not a story about the Folsom street fair, nor a vegan activist statement. (Don’t assume anything about me now…..)

I actually got inspired for this by Pema Chodron-(not surprising that she would be an inspiration considering she was the first Buddhist nun),and has books such as “Always Maintain a Joyful Mind”.

My amazing yoga teacher, Magnolia,posted a speech by Pema poking fun at how it is human nature to always to complain- ie: “This room is to hot!-this room is too cold!-why is that person sitting by me!”

She then asked “Did we all start out like that?  In the beginning, was the first person  walking around going ‘This ground is too HOT’ and, then, deciding ‘Well, I know how to fix it!  I will just cover the spots that I want to step on with leather’! but realizing he could NEVER have enough leather to cover ALL of the spots he wanted to step on.  That.maybe, it would have been better to have covered just HIS feet with leather.

Of course this alludes to the idea that if we are so concerned with ‘fixing’ our outer world-that maybe, just maybe, we could use all that time and energy to spend on our inner world.

I know, myself, when I’m going through a break-up, I feel exhausted, just exhausted, focused on what HE was doing, texting, writing, proclaiming, manipulating.  Instead, imagine if I took ALL of that energy, that passion, that POWER and poured it all back into doing my yoga-working on my career- building community with all of my great Burning Man crew?

So, thank you Magnolia, thank you Pema for reminding me that I do not have enough leather to cover the world-so I’d better damn well focus on the leather at the bottom of my shoes!

3 thoughts on “Covering the world in leather…

  1. I heart Pema. And I’ve always loved that story. And I LOVE that you can tell that story with a photo of a bunch of leather guys from Folsom St Fair, AND I love your message!

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