SO, have you ever had one of those moments?  When you know, somehow you know, this memory will be one of those ones that actually sticks in the mind, the kind of memory that won’t be forgotten after a few too many drinks or after a few too may Burning Man experiences.  The memory that your brain will recover when you are 90 and look back your life.

Sometimes, these moments are the “Big Things”-wedding, marathon, Temple Burn-but, sometimes it’s a slice of a moment from a normal day that reflects who you are at that point of time.  Like if I had a part of my brain was labeled “Autumn 30s-San Francisco”-this would define it.

So…the moment

I’m sitting in my cheap, Vietnamese nail salon having a pedicure-next to me is a Tranny asking to have her ‘nails did”

-my Aussie friend is coming over to share pictures from Fleur de Lis’ Birthday Bash (complete with latex and floggers)

-then I’m going to an amazing art show in Oakland with my friend Lux who I’ve done vintage modeling with

-to look at an exhibit of photographs from an amazing man I’m supposed to meet

-then back to the city to send off a Burning Man friend from the UK

-then hopefully to SupperClub for Sex with Monika

-hoping my friend Fleur De Lis will be able to hang before her Burlesque party

-while receiving texts from my amazing friend Rachel Meyer Yoga who is on her way to Bali to study with the amazing Rusty Wells at Urban Flow Yoga

-And thinking nice thoughts about my part time lovers, my solid friends, the kooky hot girls who wear tutus and boas with me, and the amazing life this is and if I don’t acknowledge this is a moment a real one-then it is wasted.

And I thank the amazing teachers who remind me to breathe, who remind me to feel, and who remind me to be in the moment.

Ohhhh-and well, the brownie was good too 😉

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