Re-inventing the Wheel

Tonight I went to yoga (as I often do) and I found a message that stuck with me (as it often does).  But, this one inspired this post.

I took a class from the amazing, hip, DJ MC Yogi

In class, he told us of an Indian/ Hindu theory that our Spirit is like a Wheel-so no matter how rough the road may get, it’s the strength of your wheel that allows you to navigate through the pathways of your life.

Then, of course, I began to think of my current situation.  How, when things get rough (unemployment in CA is ranked over 12% BTW)- then that is the time to internally focus, regroup and find balance. Yoga means “union” or the “uniting of all the many selves and identities we all have”-like how a hub connects the spikes of the spoke of a wheel. The wheel’s rim surrounds it all.  So, if we focus on that center of our wheel-we can decrease the suffering that occurs when we become attached to external things vs. internal.

Of course, easier said then done.  I feel it is during these times, it’s easy to focus on the road ahead, the bumps and roadblocks.  I’ve been focusing outward-being seduced by sexy, fast roads that my tires couldn’t handle.  Convinced that if I speed ahead towards that bright, shiny thing in the horizon-it doesn’t matter what condition my tires are in-I’ll make it towards my goal like a race-car driver-blazing towards that finish line.  And, in the process, burning my tires out on roadways I’m not equipped for.

And, in this urban town of San Francisco, alot of distractions block my roadway.  Easy money opportunities, easy sex and romance, quick connections, fast lifestyle.  Daily, I’m approached by opportunities that are hard to turn down.  One has to only look as far as Back for opportunities and often, I’m approached by married men who are “open” and want to take me to dinner, etc and drive me along the wrong path, wasting my energy.

So, this reminder (and the 2 hour yoga practice that brought me to tears) made me realize that I need to focus on my wheels, my spokes, my ethics.  And, no matter what bumps and rough patches come my way-I am spending my precious time, energy, resources on my pure spirit.  Because, no matter what roads I may travel, no wheels can navigate even the smoothest roads unless they are balanced.  And, that is my lesson….

2 thoughts on “Re-inventing the Wheel

  1. That is the magic of mc yogi: out of the gazillion things he says in a class, there’s always one that cuts to the core and makes sense. Proud of you for refocusing your energy!

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