My ‘Inner Child’ is an Honor Student in Black Rock City high school

I leave for the Playa in 7 days….7 days until I am ‘home’.

In anticipation, I’m attending a Burning Man party at Mission Control tonight and watched a documentary about the Playa as I pulled out my tutu, dreadlocks, and corset.

This documentary was done in 2005 and followed the guy who made the Temple and other artists who worked all year to share their vision with the rest of the Playa and random people from Larry Harvey to the ladies who go up a month early to flag the perimeters of camps.

And, they found this one amazing man.

This older man walked around after the Temple Burn-the night that they burn this amazing structure, sometimes in the form of a mosque-a church-a shrine of sorts, where people spend all Burn setting up dedications  and tributes.

And, he walked around to person after person and looked them in the eye and said “It’s not your fault”.

People reacted in many ways-from confusion to pissed off.

But, he told the story that one time-he walked up to a lady and said “It’s not your fault” and she started to cry, explaining that her son had committed suicide and she was racked with guilt.

So, when he said this-at this sacred space, watching a mosque burn along with memories put there all week of dearly departed or of lost loves or lost pets-this woman started crying.

These are the experiences that make Burning Man more than just a party, more than just a bunch of people running around naked taking drugs.

This is the Burning Man I love, the one where random people with their pure intentions have interactions that are life changing.

This is the Burning Man I look forward to -the one where we can strip down to our beautiful, pure souls and offer gifts to each other.

So, in 7 days my Inner Child-the honor student of Black Rock City high school-we will be set free.

And I cannot wait to see what happens……………



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