Finding my Soulmate(s)

I had a goal for this Burning Man -to find my Soulmate.  I know this is not exactly in line with the ten principles of Burning Man, but maybe (??)  it could fall under the category of “Immediacy” or as they explain: “Immediate experience is, in many ways, the most important touchstone of value in our culture.  We seek to overcome barriers that stand in between us and a recognition of our inner selves, the reality of those around us, participation in society, and contact with a natural work exceeding human powers”.

Maybe I realized that I have so many barriers around me in my daily city life that, upon dropping those walls, I could connect with someone in a real, intense, and pure way.

So, I set off each day on my furry bicycle hoping to run into my soulmate.  And, in one way I did.  I ran into a beautiful man I’d met last year at the Temple and spent a wonderful day with.  I left a day party this year and ran smack dab into him and he looked at me and said “Oh my God! It’s YOU. You are back!!”

But, the reconnection this year (while good) made me realize he’s not my “Soulmate”.

Then, I started thinking.  I realized that I needed to define WHAT it was I expect in a Soulmate (or in a man for that matter)

After spending almost a week with my camp mates (on the tail end of the build), I realized they embodied all that I’m looking for in a man and that my Soulmate better have the following:

-he’d better be able to build, engineer, wire, construct, and maintain a bad-ass (Decadent!) theme camp

-he needs to have a kind soul, hand out lots of hugs, be so confident in his sexuality that he can snuggle with me and my side camp of gay men

-he needs to know how to fix my bicycle (or help me do it) and work with me as I dig trenches and not just watch from the sidelines with a beer in his hand

-when I visit the Temple and cry, I want him to cry with me and understand the importance of spirituality

-and, when I want to run around and dance and flirt with boys, he needs to be strong enough to know that I’m coming back with more positive energy for him

-speaking of spirituality-he needs to appreciate that I’m going to brake for each Buddha or Kali or Durga that I see

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

But, in my 9 days at the Burn, I received all of this and more.  An amazing man in my life helped me celebrate the anniversary of my 5th Burn, another cried with me at the Temple as we shared our love for family members who have passed and yet another wonderful man shaved my legs for me and rubbed my calves with coconut oil.

This doesn’t even include all of  the studs who built a camp with 36 LED lit palm trees, built an enormous lounge, constructed shade structures and drove a school bus packed with camp items.

Also, this doesn’t count those who engineered sound systems, worked with generators, fixed gears and brakes on dozens of bikes or DJed for hours in the hot sun.

So, when I think of who would fill the shoes of being my Soulmate-I expect all of these things.

Instead of being disappointed that I didn’t meet this “Soulmate” I had in mind, this ONE person to fulfill my needs-I realized that I have many, many soulmates.

I’m surrounded by lots of sexy, soulful, hard-working, amazing men who embody all of the characteristics I want in a partner and MORE.

So, I left the Burn feeling totally content that I’d found my Soulmate and much more…..

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