The Goddess Within….

So, on my path to find my Soulmate (read back one post if you’re curious!), I found something else unexpected.

In between the Temple and our camp (Decadent Oasis 8:00 and Esplanade, yo!)  there was a nondescript tent.  Since it was Mid-Playa, one had to assume it was an installation of sorts.  But, in the midst of so many dynamic art pieces, it was easy to ignore.

Finally, on the return of an intense experience at the Temple, some dear female friends of mine and I saw this nondescript structure and went in.

Inside of this tent there were park benches and pots of fake flowers-very colorful-and on each wall were these HUGE paintings, all of Goddesses.

And, underneath, each Goddess had a saying that explained her mantra.

The one under Kali said:

I dance my life for myself

I am whole

I am complete

I say what I mean and I mean what I say

I dance the dark and the light

The conscious and the unconscious

The sane and the insane

and, I speak from myself authentically

With total conviction-without regard for how I might look

All the parts of myself flow into the whole

All my divergent selves write as I listen to what needs to be heard

I never make excuses

I feel my feelings deeply and profoundly

I never hide

I live my sexuality to please myself and pleasure others

I am whole

It only made sense that I visited this with a couple of bad-ass ladies, (one who I’m just starting to get to know-the other someone I see once-yearly at the Burn and love more and more each year).  Both are strong women who stand by their beliefs, provide a shoulder to cry on when needed yet offer no lip-service.

Both are examples of the characteristics I value and love in the women around me and both represent Kali-the Goddess who represents eternal energy and represents the Mother of the whole Universe.  She’s often depicted carrying a sword and she’s the Goddess you don’t mess with.

So, maybe us stumbling upon this yurt wasn’t so random.  Maybe, like many things at Burning Man, it’s exactly where we were supposed to be……

One thought on “The Goddess Within….

  1. I am super stoked that you transcribed the words from under Kali! CD and I were on our deep playa wander and stumbled into the goddess temple. She was too bleary-eyed to read, but I wasn’t … and that one really struck me. Thanks for posting it!

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