Playing “Make Believe”

A friend of mine came over a few nights ago to toast her before she leaves for the East Coast.

She and I compared the lifestyle difference from coast to coast whereupon she said “It’s like I have to stop playing Make-Belive”

We laughed as we realized there were alot of types of things and parties she would miss by moving across the country.

She would miss the following:

-going to parties where bringing a hula hoop was mandatory

-having a closet filled with tutus and corsets

-finding a gaudy polyester suit on the East Coast and enjoying it as much

-dating men who had incense and Buddhist shrines in their bedroom

-fully celebrating holidays from Carnival to Diwali to the Folsom Street fair

-filling her weekend with capoiera classes ,tantric workshops and reiki seminars

-expecting to know (intelligently) what a LEED’s certification means, the gluten content of any cookie, and how to best wash a wig

-finding that her eyeliner was all used up and it was by her boyfriend

-preparing outfits for White Parties, Schoolgirl runs and Tutu Tuesdays

-working on art cars, floats and installations with your friends

-realizing that the group you hang out have all at least kissed and probably slept with each other

-looking through your closet and it’s filled with feathers, sequins and fake fur

-finding herself resurected after 2 sweaty hours on a yoga mat



At first, I thought I’d be a little bit jealous of her move

But, then, I realized I really felt sad she would be missing all of those things I get to do everyday….

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