Hot in the City…

San Francisco is a chilly city -“The coldest winter I’ve ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”, Mark Twain said and, it’s true.

We live through fog and chill until around September-October when the heat rises, the fog abates, and we feel alike a real California city.

Tonight, on this humid, muggy evening-I came home from yoga in a sweat back to my apartment where I pulled open all of the windows and burned incense.

I’m not usually in my apartment to just chill on my own, and definately not with the windows and curtains open.

It amazed me-the sounds that came in.  A neighbor singing blues songs, a couple arguing and then making up, and I looked out each window and saw a little more of my neighbors.  Normally, people in a city walk past each other with a blank stare.  I don’t blame them, every 5 seconds you are berated with requests for money, a signature, directions from tourists or being asked to listen to poetry from a homeless guy (I actually stand and listen to him everytime).

So, my compatriots and I have adopted this habit of ‘not-noticing’ each other.  Like, “Hey, I live next to you-I’m sure you’re cool and all, but I gotta catch this bus” or “Oh, you look like a nice lady and a cool person to hang out with but I’m struggling with my bags and shit” even “Damn, we live on the same block and I think you are super-hot especially in those jeans but I don’t have time to act all coy and shit and hope you will ask me out”.

Tonight, I got to learn a little more about the people who share the same 400 foot radius as me.  Someone across from me has a cool red lamp, there’s a lady who plays the flute, and the girls across from me are a cute lesbian couple who kiss over their kitchen sink.

So, maybe the next time I head out of my apartment and rush off to yoga, to work, to go for a run or off to party-maybe I’ll pay a little more attention to the people who share my space.

I bet that as much as I’m wondering about the people around me are up to (“Hey, how does that French couple afford those great clothes yet always be hanging around like they are unemployed””)

I’m sure they are wondering about me (“How does she come home in a business suit only to walk out again in a corset and tutu?”)

And, maybe it’s kind of cool we have those random-Indian Summer-moments to break down the walls and barriers we have against connecting.

I know one thing, next hot night-I’m gonna be doing something louder than clicking on my MacBook….




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