I took a luscious, feminine yoga class with the amazing Janet Stone this past weekend and left in a state of bliss.  When I taught my Sunday afternoon class at Glow Yoga I tried to channel all of the influence of the Hindu Goddesses we’d chanted to and felt aligned with my chosen spiritual practice.

Walking into my yoga studio with a representation of the God and Goddess equally, the Shiva/Shakti-I noticed the difference between this and the Catholic faith I was raised in where few women (aside from the Virgin Mary) were represented.  It seemed as if the female and male gods sat side by side, equal.

Then, reading CNN today, I came across this article:

\”Nakusa\” no more

It shows how, even today, girls in India are so undesirable they are actually named Nakusa or “Unwanted”.

I have a dear Indian male friend who’s mother calls him “Raja” or “King” on the phone and we had a frank, honest discussion about gender roles in India-even today.  That people worship the feminine deities alongside of the male ones, but the equality of boys and girls is lacking.  Still, at the ground level, girls are treated as a detrement.

It made my exuberant chanting to the Goddess seem so elitist and American-so ignorant of what’s really going on.

But, there are good people doing good things for the girls of India.

I’m blessed to sponsor a little 9 year old girl in India through this amazing organization-Mother Miracle.

They offer food, education, and lodging for students (mostly girls) who would not otherwise receive it.  And, they host local SF-based yoga instructors (like Darren Main) so, they are a legitimate school-not just some random group collecting money.

The little girl I sponsor is named Tanya-and while her father has tried to pull her out of school several times-Mother Miracle fights to keep her in, reminding them her food is paid for to make her less of a burden upon them.

I have a corner filled with Hindu statues, Ganeshas and Durgas alike.  In this corner, I put the cards and drawings Tanya sends me to remind me that she has a name and is not ‘Unwanted’.

It’s a small offering, but in a little way, it allows me to put my money where my chant is…..

Check out Mother Miracle and the wonderful work they are doing!

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