Follow the bouncing ball…..

One of my favorite yoga instructors offers up this great lesson- “Did you ever notice yourself moving from job to job, from place to place, from relationship to relationship, or from yoga studio to yoga studio convinced the NEXT one is gonna be the right one? But NEVER taking a breath in the space to look at yourself as the common denominator”?

Being a SF girl I have experienced this city and it’s wealth of choices in EVERYTHING: multiple Burning Man parties, loads of yoga/pilates/zumba studios, ample opportunities for romance with one (or more!) people,

Bounce, bounce, bounce………

Bounce onto the next best thing…….bounce the moment anything gets uncomfortable or God forbid, before the mirror is turned back on me…..

San Francisco allows you to be a Master at this, and I have been……

So easy to pack up the yoga mat the second the teacher challenges you, easy to drop out of one scene into another one where they won’t hold you to a standard, so easy to move from person to person as if that NEXT one will hold the secret to love and connection.

All the time, forgetting that these answers are answered internally, sometimes painfully.  When you finally allow yourself to breathe and look inside, you can make real changes because YOU are not relying on outside sources to divert the issue.

Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching endlessly.  These monkeys clamor for your attention and are easily distracted by outside sources.  They LOVE to sound the alarm so you are in a constant state of fear and not operating in your highest power.

But, the Buddha believes if you meditate each day, you can quiet these drunken monkeys and break out of the cycle of suffering.

The Venerable Thubten Chodron explains it as such:

“Who is imprisoning us in suffering? Your mother? Your father? Your boss? The person who cut you off on the highway? Are they the ones who are imprisoning you in suffering? No! We are our own jail-keeper. We construct the prison, we put ourselves inside the cell, we lock it up and throw away the key. And then we blame the world for it.”

My in-box is filled with tempting events-each offering pleasure and enlightenment in just one event, one workshop, one weekend retreat. Then, after attending, I’m wondering why I’m not fulfilled.

Then, I return to the mat

I put effort into one relationship

I invest in the friends I already have instead of moving from one to the other to the next.

And, when shit goes wrong or gets challenging-I have people around me who hold me to a standard. People who give me Tough Love because they know I’m not going to bounce to the next thing when it gets uncomfortable. People who I can rely on to be there to hold my hand when it does and love me unconditionally.

And, while I love variety and choice, it feels nice to dig a little deeper into the activities and people I’ve chosen to be in my life. Because, really, the people I have are pretty damn amazing…..

Someone else can chase that bouncing ball……I’m done with little kid games

One thought on “Follow the bouncing ball…..

  1. We think you are Pretty Damned Amazing also, friend. One of the Most amazing people I know.

    I think that if you dig in and ground yourself, the temptations will take on a more candy-like appearance; not the next and better thing, but a pleasant augmentation to who you already are and what you already have within yourself. You are already perfect, already enlightened, already connected to the perfect lover. We all are, and once we know the truth in that, the rest is dessert…

    much love.

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