A new type of man on center stage

Have you noticed something new?  When you turn on your TV, watch news on Hulu, read the papers or attend an event-there’s a new kind of man taking stage and I, for one, LOVE IT

This past weekend, I attended a workshop with MC Yogi, a hip hop artist, graffiti writer and yoga teacher.  He and his wife taught a bad ass workshop on Hanuman (the monkey God).  The talk was concise, spiritual but based in fact and knowledge.  He explained the truth of this Hindu Deity with the open heart signifying “Humility in Strength”

Then,  I hung out with my guy friends and we talked about the Occupy Wall Street efforts and how the most compelling voices are from average, regular people.  Not the ones who’s ego seeks center stage, but those who speak from the heart.

Last Friday, one of my fellow yogis Pete Guinosso held a OccupYOGA Flash Mob at the Occupy SF camp to provide support to the protestors.  OccupYOGA

Each time I see these men speaking, acting, organizing-it inspires me.

Instead of our typical displays of male power and strength being exhibited by pompous, egotistical men on stage pushing their own agenda and telling us how to vote, where our money should be spent, what to do with our bodies, who we should have sex with, we now have something new.

Men who walk the walk:  the 99% who work HARD for their money- men who VALUE the women they are involved with and not infringing upon their reproductive rights or making them into sexual objects-men who live honorably and speak truthfully.

It’s like a changing of the guard- a realization that we finally need to listen to these good, strong men.  The ones who create and build and evolve.  The ones who are more likely to be in a kilt than in a suit, to live humbly vs. in a McMansion in the suburbs, to quietly live a life of principle vs. arrogantly demanding attention.

I,  for one, am glad to see these good men rising up and changing our ideas on what real men look like.

Machiavelli says it best:

“A return to the first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man.

His good example is such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him, and the wicked are ashamed to live a life so contrary to his example”

Amen to the good men…..

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