We All Need Somebody to Lean On

Sometimes it’s easy to feel lost, hopeless and unlovable.

And, despite the fun Burning Man parties, costume extravaganzas, and Dolores park Sundays-it’s possible to feel a loss.  Possible to feel that separation from our Divine-to feel  that hopelessness when watching the Occupy Oakland footage, that fear when realizing you don’t have enough money for the rent, or that sadness when we don’t have local family to eat Thanksgiving dinner with.

San Francisco is a wonderful but tough city.  Each day we are faced with the best and worst of humanity.  Every day, we are faced with the homeless, the challenge of MUNI, the ridiculous rent, the lack of compassion to strangers that comes with a big city.

And, you realize that you need a strong group of solid, decent people to help you through.  People you can lean on.

But, sometimes we forget.  We get caught up in all of the static, the negativity of our world.

I get caught up in it, for sure.  Convinced I am walking this path alone, I sink into hopelessness.

Then, I get on the mat-do my yoga practice-reach out to a friend or look through old cards, emails, love letters.

And, I become thankful for those I can lean on.

“Some times in our lives, we have pain, we have sorrow. But, if we are wise-we know there is always tomorrow”

So, when I doubt my community-I take a moment to breathe, to look around, to reach out and connect.  And I find myself surrounded by love and lucky for this amazing family that I’ve made for myself in San Francisco-filled with artists, freaks, Burners, Goddesses, yogis and one sweet Mountain Man.  And I feel blessed.

How can I not be?  I have a friend who waits outside of my home when she drops me off and sits there, in her truck, waiting until she knows I’m inside of my apartment building.  I’ve lived there for 6 years, my key works!  Yet, she sits and waits (often with cars blaring their horns behind her) until I get inside.

How can you feel alone with love like that????

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