An Attitude of Gratitude

Tis the season…..

And, for an ‘orphan’ of sorts, like me-someone who isn’t close enough to family to spend the holidays with them-it can feel lonely.

Or, not quite ‘enough’.

I felt this way coming into my Thanksgving holiday-I compared myself to my friends with husbands and kids.  Friends who have big houses with big dining rooms, capable of hosting 20 with all matching plates while I can’t even serve 4 without mis-matched china!

Or, at least friends who could see their dad and family face to face:   to get to hug and kiss them and goof around.  Sometimes the phone can seem like a cruel replacement.

It’s easy to envy the path you haven’t chosen-to forget GRATITUDE for what you’ve got.

But, when I told my dad about my upcoming weekend-filled with characters I’m sharing Thanksgiving dinner with, filled with yoga and sunshine and chanting-he said “I can’t wait to hear the stories!”  He STILL loves the tale of my friend’s German dad who raced us up the Fillmore stairs in Pac Heights after Thanksgiving dinner one year.  He knows the fun stories will keep coming.

So, tonight I will welcome a super sweet man into my space and meet dozens of friends to go dancing.

Then, I’ll wake up and make my way to a sweaty, blissful yoga class.

And, make my way over to a dear friend’s for our Thanksgving salmon dinner and my special brownies for dessert and we will tell stories and talk shit-just like family.

So, maybe I haven’t got a large dining room with a husband and matching china.

I’ve got the kind of people I love to sit on the floor and cuddle with while eating off of mis-matched plates and giggling like mad…..

How can’t I find gratitude in that??

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