As I look back on 2011-as many of us do-I start to review what experiences I’ve had this year.  I begin to review the good, the bad, and everything in-between.

Of course, I found myself looking back on my Facebook page to build my ‘Year in Review’.

I wasn’t able to travel in 2011, couldn’t afford many of the things I’d wanted to do.  So, as I look over  my photos (and compare wither others)-I feel inadequate.

No 100s of diving photos with each fish tagged, no obligatory couples photos at every holiday/party/event, and no images of feats of strength like mountains climbed or medals won.

Then, I started to remember all of the great experiences I had in 2011.  The feeling of falling into savasana after a sweaty yoga glass, the sensation of the Pacific Ocean spraying into my face as I run along Chrissy Field, sweet foot massages from a lover, the sound of my fire poi as they whirl around my body.

These moments aren’t captured on film.  The aren’t tagged, ‘unliked’, or commented on.

But, these are the memories that stick with me and define who I am.  I’ve had plenty of experiences and connections that influenced, changed and  helped define who I am as we head into 2012.

So, as easy as it’s been to envy the glamorous lifestyle of others-well documented and recorded as if taken by paparazzi-I’m kind of satisfied with the year behind and excited about the one instead.

And, after all…..aren’t the most defining and shaping adventures in your life ones where you are too distracted to take a photo anyway?

Those that come so unexpectedly, your photo isn’t even on you-let alone turned on and strapped around your wrist.

The ones where you are so immersed and luxuriating in the moment- all of  your energy is in seeing, feeling, and smelling it?

And, really, the ones that are a little too ‘real’, too personal or maybe even too candid to expose to every person you’ve met (let alone your mother)

Those are the moments that I really 

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