Life is Short-Have an Affair ??

Today, in my Twitter feed,  was the announcement by Ashley Madison they were opting to take over the ad space freed up on the Rush Limbaugh show after his outburst over poor Sandra Fluke.

I’d never heard of this dating site, so I checked it out.  Ashley Madison is a dating service for persons already in a relationship with the tag line “Life is short. Have an affair”  The CEO (a flabby white guy) explained he is in business to make money and sees no problem with aligning himself with Rush.

Now, I’m all tempted to make a yogini based judgement call on this one.  In yoga, Brahmacharya is the 4th yama (or code of conduct) and is often mis-represented as meaning ‘celibacy’.  And, for some, that is the case.  The literal meaning is to “walk in the way of God (of Brahman).  But, yoga teachers realize we are modern people and I’m lucky enough that my yoga teacher interprets it as “integrity in relationships”.

The idea in yoga is that we must practice self-restraint in ALL matters.  This is why most yogi teacher’s preach vegetarianism and it can be of note that Brahmacharya comes AFTER ahimsa (nonviolence) and satya (truthfulness).  The idea is that you cannot serve God or your highest Divinity if you cannot control impulses in your life.

But, before I get all yoga-preachy here-

Think of one thing……..

Rush Limbaugh is so uneducated on birth control that he believes that the more sex you have-the more birth control pills you need.  And, that ‘sluts’ and ‘prostitutes’ seem to need an endless supply of birth control pills vs. the actual dosage and administration of taking one per day.  (And, this is after 4 marriages with women)

I can only imagine his listeners are equally uneducated.

So, with the addition of Ashley Madison as a sponsor-I have to question-

Do we really want these unenlightened people having more sex and outside of their marriages?  I mean, if they can’t figure out how medication that was issued in 1957 works-are they going to be responsible enough to use condoms?  And, God only  knows the Jerry Springer-type fallout that will occur when they get caught in these affairs (I’ll assume there are no Mensa members on this site).

So, while yoga is a 5000 year old scientific practice that may seem old fashioned and non-modern to us today-maybe it’s not?

Maybe it’s no mistake that ancient gurus realized that a little non-violence and truthfulness would equal a sex life that has integrity and consideration for what happens to the person after you’re done having sex with them.  Maybe they realized they would have a healthier, more connected and satisfied community if they let the big head do the thinking first?  And, maybe they would have hot, pleasurable sex with the person they are married to because they engage in sex a little more thoughtfully?

At least, maybe every fat, flabby, middle-aged guy would think a little bit about what he’s bringing to the table and would meet women organically (even if he is engaged in multiple relationships) if he practiced a little self-restraint on ALL things (Rushs’ famous addiction to Oxycontin notwithstanding of course!)

I find that evolved men who take a little time to think of the health and needs of the person (or people) they are hooking up with have no lack of women lined up to date them.  These are the guys we recommend to our friends and maintain relationships with even after the romance is over.  They practice ‘Integrity in Relationships’

Brahmacharya? Now that’s what I call sexy……

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