On MCA (Buddhist) and Fear

I don’t see things quite the same I used to

As I live my life I’ve got just me to be true to

When I find that I don’t know about just what to do

I turn and look within to see what I should do”

I found these lyrics after spending my weekend hearing Beastie Boys songs on the radio (like most of us).

I realized, as much as they wrote dope shit they also wrote some pretty deep shit!

And, thinking about the early loss of  MCA- a.k.a. Adam Yauch at 47 I realized-you never know how long you have.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with a guy friend last week-he’d been dating this great woman for awhile and it had just ended.  We walked down Polk as we chatted and got into a deep discussion about relationships and fear.  He and this woman finally had a real discussion about what they wanted.  She admitted she cared for him more than she was letting on, he finally admitted his true feelings.  But, it was only in the break-up discussion where they felt safe enough to tell the truth and face their fears.

Then, we got in a huge discussion over chances we’ve missed, opportunities lost over fear.  And, how fragile (and short!)  life is.

Ironically,  the next day we learned about MCA and it just drove the point home.

My yoga teacher reminds us in practice (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘every person will leave you.  Every person you love dearly, they will leave or pass away or be gone from you someday.  So, make sure when they are in your life that you remember to tell them you love them”

At first I thought it was a depressing message.  “You mean my dad, my brother, my dearesst friends and lovers will leave me?  How can I go on??”

Then, I realized, the more aware we are of our limited time-the more sad reminders that life is short -maybe those are more chances to be brave enough to share our true feelings.  And, maybe the practice is a gentle reminder to quiet the mind enough to sit with our true feelings and notice them and act on them fearlessly.

So, as sad I was to read about MCA, I also read that he was a practicing Buddhist and worked to help Free Tibet efforts.  And, in reading his interview in Project Happiness I realized not only was MCA fearless on the mike-he was fearless in love as well. 

You gotta fight…”

You left a good example MCA.

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