Practice makes….

 Lately, I’ve been performing……

Performing in my new job, performing quite literally spinning fire, perfoming more subjectively teaching yoga.

Lately, I’ve felt as if I’m on stage, and I have been.

Career-wise, I’m learning how to pitch my new drug-a cancer therapy that extends life by over 2 YEARS- which is revolutionary in cancer therapy.

As much as I’m excited over it-I still have to perfect my ‘pitch’,

So, I spent a week in Seattle, where, luckily, I have a dear yoga student/ friend who lives there who I could hang with learning my pitch.  I had to stand in front ot a room perfecting my “role play” (and not in a fun way!) on how to best coerce physicians to prescribe my new drug.

Seminars on Open Ended Questions and Leading Conversations occured, each requiring me to fake my way through conversations where I would pretend to control conversations to lead to the result I wanted.

It required me to think strategically on how I present theories and ideas into a more strategic way vs. the organic way I’m used to.

Then, on my birthday weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity of going to Fire Drums -a conference of 800 fire spinners, hoopers, artists and overall fire freaks who spend 4 days perfecting their art. Every night, there is a huge fire circle where anyone can step up, light up, and perform.

Luckily. this fell over my birthday weekend.

So, surrounded by my supportive FAC (Fire Arts Collective) crowd, I was encouraged and supported to perform fire.  Because I care so much for fire performance and respect my community, I was both inspired and intimidated to get up in front of my peers.

Luckily, my good friend Marcy convinced me to get up and perform in front of this talented crowd.

The next night, she and I , with a few  of our other friends, participated in a Firewalking ceremony.

We set intentions, released our fears, and walked over hot coals reaching temperatures between 900-1200 degrees.

We walked across not once, but twice.

Then, it was easier for us to get up in front of the fire circle and perform.

And, when I came home to San Francisco, it felt easy to teach yoga and share my experience.

“This is yoga practice not yoga performance” the teacher told my friend and I at a yoga studio in Seattle.

I liked the quote and the idea, but didn’t accept the concept until I walked on fire and realized that I don’t have to perform.

I can choose, I can practice being my Higher Self in all things-from work to fire walking to teaching yoga.

Maybe, if I choose to look it as a practice of being brave and fearless, I can act more authentically to my true self and it will flow effortlessly-just like the amazing fire performers I admired.

And, maybe in this stage of life, the biggest challenge is to remain authentic and in acceptance of potential fear and rejection.

So, each day, we all wake up and practice being our Higher Selves.

And, in my opinion, this beats any performance I’ve ever seen…………….

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