(Wander) Lusting….

I keep missing fun parties!

Every weekend, my friends are heading off to hot tub birthday parties, concerts, events-and I’m always either not attending or leaving early because of one thing.


This upcoming weekend-I’ve been invited to a Guardsmen’s party, a wine tasting competition, a “Furries in the Wild” (???) party and a “Midsummer’s Night’s Blingy Bling” party.

I said NO to it all and after my first class at Wanderlust I know why.

Wanderlust is a yoga/music festival in Squaw Valley in Tahoe which attracts yoga teachers, artists and vendors from all around the world.  Artists like Beats Antique, MC Yogi and Ziggy Marley grace the stages of this event in the evenings after a long day of yoga.  Workshops and Speakeasy’s like “Crazy Wisdom” and “The Shift” fill in your time.

Luckily, for me, my first class was Warrior Flow with the amazing Shaelah Morris of Studio Tahoe.  Shaelah is a former pro-skiier- so her blend of athleticism and grace were especially attractive to this former marathoner.

As we looked out onto the mountain, sweet music played and Shaelah brought us into our centered space before flowing us through a strong yet flow-y Warrior Series.  She started with a great agni visualization-igniting the fire within each of us.  Then, continued to build that flame in a heart and hip-opening sequence that felt fluid and graceful.

After a long week at work, it felt better than the juiciest happy hour margarita ever!

Adding to that- the mix of great music and her playful, fun-loving style made me feel like I was in a chill dance party with lots of lovely people!  At one point, she exclaimed “Enjoy those open hips-you may use them later!”  Talk about fire!

The class ended with a sweet chant and, as the room filled with voices opened by a sweet yet strong practice, I realized I made the best choice.

Why limit yourself to either a weekend of parties or a weekend of meditation and yoga when you can have both?

At Wanderlust-you can have it all-(including open hips!!)

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