You are a BAD Yogi

I came to Wanderlust with an in box full of things I’ve done wrong- work, hobbies, play-somehow I dropped the ball in each area  despite my best attempts to get it right.  I felt surrounded by negative energy.

And, I held on to this bad energy through my first day at Wanderlust.

Until this morning….

I took Jonny Kest’s “Slow burn” class at 8am-sleep deprived and achy from dancing on concrete to Shpongle among the Jellyfish.  And, I felt guilty knowing I wasn’t going to have the best class.

Lucky for me, Jonny brings 20 years of yoga and spirituality into the practice.  As we walked into class, they handed out headbands to each student and when Johnny started class he encouraged us to use these headbands to BLINDFOLD ourselves!

He explained he wanted us to focus on 2 things in class

-our breath

-keeping our eyes closed

Then he explained “NO one here in class will judge you and tell you that you are a BAD YOGI”  And he put us through an athletic,   smooth sequence of vinyasas that started with a squat and side stretch.  And, as we repeated this again and again, he kept reminding us to stay connected with breath and keep our eyes closed.

Finally, I felt myself really exhale and focus inwards for the first time all weekend.  Jonny infused the practice with lessons on how yoga affects health-not just making the body stronger-but the benefits of having full breaths, a clear mind, a flexible nature. And, as he put us through balancing ardha chandrasana series which caused everyone to fall because of our closed eyes, he reminded us that the most resilient of us are the ones who allow ourselves to stumble and fall-knowing that we are still “good” yogis if we do so.

Then he told a story of a woman who came to his class for 3 MONTHS and never did a single pose, she just laid in child’s pose each class.  After awhile, she came up to him and explained her mother recently died and she needed somewhere to be without being judged or needing to be perfect-to mourn in the way she needed to.

Jonny explained this is what yoga is-where we can each come into our OWN interpretation of each pose, looking inward to where all of the answers lie.

We ended in the sweetest savasana ever and, at the end, when everyone took off their blindfolds and opened their eyes, I felt as if a weight had lifted.

YES, I’m a bad yogi-I fuck up all of the time despite my best efforts-and I will likely do it again.

But, maybe if I can cut myself a break, I can come into the yoga and the life that’s individual to me.  Imperfect and sometimes wobbly, it’s the only true path I’ve got.

Thanks for the lesson Jonny…..


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