It’s 5:45 am…..

“Why in the hell am I awake???”

It’s Day 1 in my morning Advanced Practitioner program and I cheer myself up by getting excited to be around such sweet, nice people-starting my day off in the right way.  (Note the Optimism)

5:45 Day 2- I’m not so cheered.  The people aren’t all that nice.  I could have started off with coffee and a donut from Bob’s.  We hold strange twist-y poses for the longest ‘Count of 20′ I’ve ever seen.  My hips are opening in ways they hadn’t for awhile and out pours all of the unpleasant emotions I’d been holding onto.  So, I leave feeling all out of sorts and pissy.

By Day 4, my body is starting to feel the ache and I’m finding myself rushing around after practice to hop on an 8:30 conference call for work and annoyed that no matter how much I rush-I’m still logging in at 8:40.

Somehow, Day 5 felt like I was moving through water.  The practice felt fluid, my backbends were effortless, my hips pliant.  Savasana felt like a long dream of lying on a pillow on the Playa next to a hot man, being misted with cool water.  (Yes, THAT good)

I started the next week, sore from running 12 miles with my friend in the SF Marathon and we did strange IT band shit that felt like a knife was sticking into my thigh.  He advised we take the evening class and it was a long, super hot and sweaty class with MC Yogi -I felt fluid again and made a strong decision on something I’d been worrying really badly about.

I got spoiled by spending my mornings with amazing people who were working hard together, all working on our shit, just doing the best we can.  The hugs got deeper, the teasing got more fun (A girl actually told my friend “You’ve got a nice butt!!” when he walked by at eye-butt level), people found reasons to stick around more.

So, I missed a ton of parties, events, gossip for the last 2 weeks.  I came home early like a good girl, drank a ton of water and put myself into bed by 10:30 at the latest.

The world didn’t stop without my being it it’s nightlife, parties continued and nothing all that exciting was missed.  

My eyes got clearer, my skin brighter and I moved a little bit more effortlessly.

5:45 was totally worth it -but I’ll LOVE sleeping in Monday morning……


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