B.A. can’t get it up!

ImageTonight, I went to the Dreamforce conference where my hero-Richard Branson-spoke.   Richard described when Virgin Airlines first opened in the UK against giant British Airways.

One day, BA had a flight coming out of Heathrow that had been delayed again and again to the point that passengers were calling Virgin to re-book with them.  Seeing his chance, Richard hired a plane to fly by the airport with the banner

“BA can’t get it up”.

He then explained-when you are the little guy, it’s your right to “pull the tail’ of the bigger guys.  How healthy it is in life and business to have people who will keep you honest and humble.  (Something big corporations like British Airways forgot)

Later, I was telling a friend about the talk and we got into this conversation about having a ‘check and balance’ or people in your life to call you out.  And how, in many ways, the practice of yoga can be that Come to Jesus.

We all have people in our lives who call us out on our shit (or, at least we should).  But, in our culture of acceptance, it’s easy to surround ourselves with ‘YES’ people who will stand by and watch you (emotionally or physically) put yourself in harm’s way without lifting a finger.  And, sometimes, it’s nice to have these people around (especially when indulging in our vices).

Luckily, the practice of yoga can help keep you in check.  By having something to show up for-day after day-creates a space where you are always challenged to bring your Higher Self.  Because, believe me, it will show up in your practice if you’ve had too many late nights, too many bad meals or too little classes.  And, it ain’t pretty.

I’m not sure if Sir Richard Branson is a  yogi (I hope he is).  But, his theories on life parallel alot of what we learn in yoga is that each of us does better when we are held accountable for what we do.

Hopefully for most, it won’t be yelled out on a banner telling the world how we can’t get it up……

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