Dance like no one’s watching….

I used to have regular “Dance Offs” in my living room- friends would come over, we’d put on a cheesy song and grab my tambourines and shake it.

I’ve been missing those days.

Trust me, I’ve been dancing:  Distrikt at Burning Man, on stage at Pink Mammoth at the SuperHero Fest, lots of events and parties where I’m dancing.

But, it’s not the same……

When I’m these parties-I’m aware of HOW I look- “Are my hot pants riding up? Does my ass look fat? Do I look COOL??”  

I do this in my yoga practice too, aware of what I look like vs. how I feel- sometimes to the point of hurting myself to get into poses that my EGO wants but my BODY isn’t so sure of.  I’d found myself in this pattern in both my practice and my life.  I needed something to yank me out of my false-self and more in tune with my inner child.

Luckily for me, right after the Burn, a close friend came into town and we started playing cheesy songs from her iPod.

We cranked it in my living room and started Shakin’ Our Shit- doing our best “Elaine from Seinfeld” impersonations- trying out our best hip-hop moves, generally jumping around like teenage girls…..

It was amazing!!!! We had just run 6 miles with barely a sweat but were drenched after 20 minutes of dancing together.

Afterwards, we laughed and hugged and felt much lighter.

Sometimes, it just takes a good friend with a good soul to shake everything up and remind you of the rules of life:

Dance like no one’s watching

Love like you’ll never be hurt

Sing like no one is listening

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth



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