The most amazing thing happened tonight

Tonight was one of those Sunday night’s when you’re under-slept from the Saturday night before and you dread the Monday workday in the morning.

To get out of my funk, I decided to take a walk to North Beach.  Earlier in the day, I’d put on a bindi for a brunch I was going to and I’d totally forgotten it was on my forehead.

Suddenly, a long haired, long bearded guy turned to me by Washington Square park and noticed my bindi and complimented me on it.  I laughed, forgetting it was on and started to explain why.  As soon as he heard my voice-this guy said “I think I KNOW you-are you Autumn??”

Turns out he was a man I’d met and had a few dates with 3 years ago-right before I went to India and he somehow recognized me by my voice.

He’d just returned from a year and a half in Ecuador and Peru after being laid off from his job.  He spent his time volunteering, traveling and doing spiritual ceremonies.  I kind of remembered going on a few dates with this guy and not being very inspired or interested and neither had he.  But, we found ourselves walking together and then having dinner together, having a very deep discussion on spirituality and dharma.

In yoga, dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one’s life.

OceanPathThe idea is, if you are aligned with your true self, your life’s path becomes crystal clear.  And, the whole universe will align to make things happen to help you along that path.  But, it requires a clear mind which can be achieved by many things, including yoga.  In his case, he spent months in Peru doing spiritual ceremonies and facing his demons.

Spending time with him reminded me of a time when I was in true alignment with my path-a time when I was meditating daily, a time when my yoga practice came before dates or parties-a time when I felt optimistic and sure about my path.  He is living his dharma, newly returned from travel and finding that things are unfolding on his path without expectation or grasping.

We had a wonderful dinner and he walked me part-way home and we agreed that nothing is random.  And, my dreary Sunday walk became a run-in with just the person I needed to see.  I might not see him before he travels on again, but we agreed to keep in touch and keep each other inspired and focused.

In a city of over 800,000 walking on a Sunday night and running into just that one acquaintance at just that moment you gotta believe-nothing is random.

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