The Yoga of being a Pimp

You find enlightenment in the strangest places….

Lately I’ve been feeling myself get beat down by criticism.  Admittedly, I don’t take sarcasm well.  You would think I’d choose different professions-my main job is in Medical Sales and my 2nd job (and my passion) is teaching yoga.  Both require me to stand in front of people, present information, and potentially be judged.  And, I take this judgement seriously-I spend countless hours practicing my craft.

So, when negative feedback is thrown at me without thought or grace- I take it hard.  This happened to me recently and it was hard to shake.

Luckily, I have alot of fun friends who love live music and love to dance to help me shake this off.

JoytimeMy girls and I headed to see the Pimps of Joytime-a funky, Brooklyn-based band with songs like “Janxta Funk” and “Thas the Way We Do“-definately booty-shakin’ beats.

As per usual, we made our way front and center and shook it and I quickly felt the negative energy melt off of me.

Then, the Pimps gave me the message I needed:

‘Haters gonna hate…..”

It put my whole situation into perspective.  That feedback is not only a reflection of the person being reviewed-it’s also representative of the person giving the feedback.

When I get input from someone with the intention of building me up, inspiring me to become better-I take that seriously.  As we all should.  We are all here, after all, to elevate one another.

My man Richard Branson (in my opinion, the best businessman in the world) states it best

“The absolute key is treating your people well. Looking for the best in your people. Lots and lots of praise, no criticism. I think quite a lot of companies don’t run their companies in that way. Which I think is very sad and could be a great mistake. Leading by fear is a lot of companies’ approach, and a horrible way for people to exist in their lives, when most of your life is spent at work. I’m sure you get the best out of people if you look for the best in them. People don’t need to be told when they’ve done something wrong–they know it without having to be told”

So, my funky yoga is to be the best I can, be true to myself and to take feedback with a grain of salt (or, maybe, that’s a pinch of spice!)

Because, haters gonna hate, but it doesn’t have to weigh me down……


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