It’s a small, small world

Sometimes, it’s easy to think we are all out here alone.

Easy to feel adrift on our own islands of solitude, not making much affect on the world around us.

Easy to feel disconnected, especially in our digital age where human touch is rare and emoticons replace real kisses.

But, every so often, it’s nice to unplug and let the Universe take over and remind us of how interwoven we all are.

For me:  proof of this came while in Tulum, Mexico.  My friend Darcy and I booked a trip to snorkel and see the turtles at Akumal (blog post coming soon!).

When we arrived at the dive shop-I was shocked to see my friend from Norway (and former Burning Man campmate)-Marianne-working the desk!!

What resulted after was time spent getting to know an old acquaintance, a local contact to show us the ‘cool’ places to hang, and a realization that everything is interconnected and the Universe will bring good people back around if you give it the chance.

We hung out, hula-hooped, discussed yoga and drank too many margaritas made from the mixers we kept in a Styrofoam cooler in our room.

And, finding each other again and being able to launch right into deep dialogue on yoga and life somehow showed us both we must be on the right path.

Because,  isn’t the beauty of it all that a brief encounter with someone will have an impact that extends beyond that brief meeting?

And, isn’t the hope that-when you are at the most random of places-the Universe has someone waiting to show you around and have fun?

Below is the limerick Marianne wrote in my Journal……


Working in a dive shop

I met Autumn and didn’t fall

My jaw just dropped

Cause the world is so small

-hooping on the beach

Sunset pictures with dubious dudes

Margaritas taste like peach

Drinking to be subdued

Mosquitoes, copal and lemongrass

Burningman talks and memories

I hope these times would never pass

Dolphins-amazing sensories

Music-mix and cigarettes

Waves crashing on the shore

Sand and sunburn sweats

Keep it coming-give me more!

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