Small Offerings

I woke with the most vivid dream……Corporate

I was at a party in San Francisco-in a dark space, wearing lots of layers.  For some reason, I walked outside onto a cold concrete patio.

Everything was grey with sharp corners and harsh surfaces.  As I turned to go back inside, I glimpsed at a stairway down to the ocean.

The sky beyond the stairway looked sunny and bright so I took off my heavy coat and layers and rushed to the warmth.

As I ran down, I saw a fisherman in a very rustic, janky boat.  As he headed out to sea, he sprinkled small bits of food onto the top of this big, vast ocean.  It was about the amount you would dust on top of a fish tank in your home-just tiny bits.

I thought “What’s he going to catch in this HUGE sea with just those teeny drops???”

Suddenly, EVERY fish in the ocean surfaced- massive sting rays, blue-green turtles, pink salmon, colorful tropical fish and dolphins who ate and leaped into the air (clearly I’m no marine biologist as these fish probably don’t really co-habitate in the ocean together-but you get the point).


It didn’t matter that they each only got a small bite, it didn’t matter they were fed from a janky, rusted old boat.

I think I squealed out loud as I was dreaming as I watched the turtles surface and the dolphins jump and I woke up with my covers kicked off because I must have felt that warm ocean breeze.

And, the lesson wasn’t lost on me.

There’s a Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

For awhile, I’ve been struggling with my corporate job-with the inconsistency of ethics between the corporate world and what I practice on the mat.

But, what do I have to offer?  How can my business skills and a sprinkling of yoga teaching make any difference in the world?

“Any thought that is passed onto the subconscious often enough and convincingly enough is finally accepted”-Robert Collier

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