Stop and….

…watch the stars.

I got to Tulum just in time to meet my friend Tiago at our favorite pizza place -Coco- and head to my yoga retreat.

After we dropped off my bags, we decided to walk down the beach to see what was happening.

And, what was happening????TulumStars

Nothing….and everything.

The beach was quiet-no dancing at LaZebra,no margarita parties.

So, we lay in the sand and watched the stars.  It didn’t take long before we noticed first, one shooting star, then the next!

I made my wish and he his and we walked off to have a drink, catch up, and read hippie Tarot Cards.

Afterwards, I slept to the sounds of the ocean and the rain storms and realized I’d missed nothing, but I gained everything.

Before I left, a dear friend wrote in my travel journal:

“Listen.  Wherever you are……close your eyes and listen”

Finally, I stopped to do so.

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