Half Love

Love is in the air in Tulum.

Maybe it’s the lack of clothes, maybe the abundance of hot yogis or Latin men-but everyone is either already in love, looking for it, or finding it when they least expect.

So, right before we salsa danced at La Zebra-our dinner discussion was on love.Tulumwedding

First, my yoga ladies and I discussed love in San Francisco.  I told them about beautiful Soulmate experiences at Burning Man and the number of  men who are into spirituality and yoga.  Then, once we got to the nitty gritty-I tried to explain the Polyamorous scene and the fact that, often, you will be at a  party with a group of women who are all dating the same man all at the same time.

They were baffled.  First off, they had never even heard of Polyamory (outside of Mormon cults in Utah).  And, the idea that men controlled the dating scene was foreign to them.

Of course, in this Latin country, men do all the work of pursuing, chasing and work in dating.   The women are the pursued so they focus on building female relationships and strong circles of women.  Little effort is wasted on finding a man-instead they are free to perfect their Goddess Energy.  Tulum is a very spiritual place, so this pursuit is taken seriously.

Before you think it was man-bashing, I also got the opinion of my guy friend at the table.  He’s always entertained by my romantic life in Tulum and jokes about the young men who I end up talking to (actually, who end up coming up to me!).

So, when I explained that in San Francisco it’s common to date multiple people at one time (kind of trying them out for size) he didn’t get it.  He wondered how it was possible to split time and emotions between several people and WHY would someone want to do so???  He wondered why someone would want to give and/or receive only half of what the person they are dating has to offer?

You can’t give just half love.

He explained-it’s all about chemistry.  And, it’s obvious.  You KNOW when you have chemistry with someone.  It’s like Lightning in a Bottle, something unique and magical. That spark-that flash of electricity-that ZING that happens (often unexpectedly) when you have chemistry with another.

He said it like it was the most OBVIOUS thing in the world.  Why would you waste your time and energy trying to make someone fit or not giving all of your energy and passion to that person who you DO have chemistry with??

Of course, all relationships don’t last forever.  Some, only for a salsa dance.  Some, just for a vacation in Tulum.  Some, a lifetime.

But-just like yoga-when you give anything your full passion and intention-it strengthens it and allows it to grow and expand.

One of my teachers says “Don’t HALF-Asana”

I’m going to take that theory to my love life and not ‘half’ that either……


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