Sometimes, You’ve Got To Get Dirty Before You Can Get Clean….

When I signed up for my yoga retreat in Tulum-one of the things included was listed as a “Mayan Mud Meditation”.

I figured it was one of those kitchy things that they throw in to give it some ‘local‘ flare so my expectations were low.

To my surprise, it was more authentic and cooler than I’d thought.

It was on our final day, a culmination of 5 days of Kundalini yoga and training-very different than the strong Vinyasa practice I’m used to.

Instead of intense flow sequences, we mostly sat and connected with our breath.  The practice was run by a very feminine holistic healer who embodied the Goddess style of her teachings and celebrated feminine energy.

We balanced this practice by going out dancing at night, flirting with boys and dancing to amazing local music.

On our final day, our Mud Meditation finished out the afternoon.MudHands

A cool hippie chick came with a bowl of Mayan clay mixed with local honey, water and some other things.  She also had 3 stacks of Tarot Cards-the kind you see in most yoga studios-one was The Four Agreements, one Goddess cards.  Even though it was kind of predictable, we were going with the flow and open to it.  Ironically, the cards we pulled matched each of our situationsones we’d shared over yoga and margaritas.  After that, we wrote down our wishes and held them to our hearts.

Then, we mixed our hands together in the Mayan clay and covered ourselves-head to toe.  The clay is said to “Rejuvenate, Detoxify, Mineralize, Exfoliate, Purify, Refine, Calm and Heal” and was supposed to heal everything from eye bags to bug bites to Anxiety and Menopause (??).

The mud was cool and thick, and we laughed as we covered our faces, hair and even our sunburned butts.  People on the beach checked us out and we laughed as we coated ourselves then walked to the shore.

Then, our guide took us through a ceremony where we visualized all of the things that hold us back-from childhood to relationships to our own lack of belief in ourselves.

And, once we finished-we walked into the turquoise ocean, rinsed off and threw our wishes out to sea.

What at first felt foolish and goofy suddenly took on meaning as we realized we each opened up enough to write down what we’d wanted to manifest.  It took 5 days of Kundalini breathing, staying in a house together like fraternity sisters, laughing about sex and ‘culos’ and how hot Latin men are.

It gave me the power to put onto paper a wish that I’d been afraid to even admit to myself.  Something that seemed too much to ask of the Universe because I felt unqualified and undeserving.

But, in this Sacred place of feminine energy and power, among a group of amazing Goddesses-anything seemed possible.

Later that night, we dressed all in white and put on body glitter and saw Sophie Barker (the singer from Zero 7) play.

Bit by bit, things started to manifest. Flights were extended, relationships started and we realized we will all meet again in this special place.

On my flight home-I read a quote that said “Put yourself in the path of lightning”  

I think we had to coat ourselves in mud and get a little wild to create the channel for that light to pass through……Abundance

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