Leave it Better Than You Found It

As a Burner, an urbanite and a yogi-I’m always finding myself in moral situations where I’m not sure what to do.

And, of course, as a yogini-I have the Yamas and the Niyamas down (and I appreciate a good bit of Brahmacharya as a rule).   But, certain situations require an easy overall solution that you can apply to just about anything.

Leave it Better Than You Found it.

This is something most Burners and third-country travelers already instinctively do.  Something that comes more easily in an urban space where giving whatever your gifts are to art, or music or even by being silly and flirty with the cute, underpaid barista in your ethnic danky cafe -doing this one THING makes all the difference.

So, being the person who races another to catch Moop blowing on the Playa while your campmates cheer you on or picking up trash in in the park when a bunch of  hipsters have littered it with PBR cans-maybe this is an example of the one small thing you can do.

And, maybe you do something super cool like paint an amazing mural in your camp’s bus or sew a bunch of pillows to bling out your camp.  Maybe it’s not making the smart-ass comment you know will REALLY zing someone good, but you resist it because it’s not worth offending a friend.  Or, just thanking the Muni driver for the ride when they’ve been dealing with crazy homeless all day and sit on their asses hours on end.  Maybe you set up two cool friends or watch out for a friend’s ability to drive and stay sober just in case they need it.

It’s not a huge thing, probably no skin off YOUR arse-but you are putting your sprinkling of glitter all over everything you touch.

And, maybe you can even elevate that to your long term relationships-those that should matter to you more than the barista or bus driver anyway.LEDs

Perhaps you bravely put your best self forward to those you choose to spend your precious time with.  You create friendships where there is space for confident self-expression of your own flavor and way of doing things.  And-maybe they learn a new language, maybe you start taking yoga because of them or sign up for a 5k or check out a new DJ or campout, maybe someone finds you totally hysterical and is glad you are in the room.

And, maybe you take this into your love and dating life too.

You respect the person-even when you both know this is just a fling or a Burning Man romance or a vacation together.

Maybe you work to be a positive energy in their world.   And the person you are dating (or smooching or whatever) as they experience things-you color it with your light and positive vibes.

The best part is-they color it with theirs too.  So, when it inevitably ends-however long the romance is-you both left feeling able to live out one of my favorite quotes:

‘Don’t cry because it’s over

Smile because it happened’.

-Dr Suess.  (Pretty good moral advice from a guy who was telling us from kindergarden age on up-how to leave things)

So, it’s like a good meal.  It’s savory and sweet and amazing while it happens and no one feels guilty or heavy afterwards.

And, it also makes for good left-overs;)

*Next-my blog on Redheads and my fundraising efforts to raise enough $$ to fly home to Pittsburgh to visit my Ginger nephew.  I’m just teasing-it’s actually on my visions of a Ginger Burning Man camp and would anyone really want to hang out there??*

**Also-=forgive my case of the Madonna’s as I get all Brit on you with my use of arse -but lately they have been all around me and the vernacular is rubbing off.  Damn Limeys.**

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