Wise as Serpents

As a yoga teacher who’s recently started running again-a massage isn’t always a welcome thing. Usually it’s a pushing, grinding tense interaction where I leave open but feeling invaded. Until now…… Recently, I got a massage from the amazing Leah Speert from Somatic Oasis.Serpent She’s a fellow yoga teacher so I’ve gotten to experience her amazing touch in class at Yoga Flow SF.  What happened was transformative……

Instead of the normal pushing and prodding, I felt enveloped.  She looped her long limbs around me, snaking her long arms above one shoulder, underneath my neck and above my other shoulder.

Then, she would unwind ever so slowly, snaking her arm underneath and through before pulling herself away. Instead of recoiling as my body typically does, the muscles were tricked into rolling open.  My tense shoulders dropped, my tense neck loosened and my body melted . Then, she started to work my spine.

I’ve always heard of the colors that associate with the chakras.

I’ve even heard that there are “seed sounds’ that are connected.

But, I’ve never actually SEEN them. When Leah started massaging my spine  using her essential oils, I SAW each chakra light up as if she were turning on a light bulb from red up through to green and ending at the top of my head where her touch and the oils lit up a bright white. The looping and coiling continued as she mixed deep massage with a yogi’s understanding of movement and flow.

As she snaked around my tight runner’s muscles-I felt them coil open as the oils allowed me to sink into it and enjoy.

When she finished, I felt relaxed yet not sleepy.  I felt loose yet energized. That afternoon, my usual 6 mile run felt light and effortless-something I haven’t felt in quite awhile.

I’m a big fan of quotes and this one sums up my experience of my massage in which strength and softness combine to create an amazing experience: “….be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” A massage with Leah embodies both of those qualities.


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