Yogis are Assholes

Russell Brand is a yogi!

Yogini on the Loose

I’ve come to a realization lately-yogis are assholes.

Yoga studios are filled with shady charlatans, charming seducers and self-righteous types.

If you don’t believe me, look in the news- yoga teachers facing rape charges, some involved in financial scandals, others involved in drug use and reported Wiccan Sex Cults.

Recently, one of the BIGGEST assholes of all has become a proponent of yoga.  This would be Russell Brand.  RussellBrandyoga

Yes, the same jerk who was suspended by BBC for a phone prank scandal (he called police during a stand-up routine claiming to have found the culprit of recent sexual assaults in the Northampton area), who won an award as “Shagger of the Year” , and who was a notorious heroin addict and an all around disaster.

So, when I saw his name on my Deepak Chopra Urban Yogis page, I was pissed.

Then…….I watched it.


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