Receiving the Moon

Last month I spent the full moon in Tulum.
The moon in Tulum is always powerful-my friend Darcy likens it to a ‘primordial soup’ and it seems as if the ocean melts into the sky.FullMoon
In October, it also coincided with a Lunar Eclipse which is when the Moon and Sun are opposing each other and the culmination of the 8 phase cycle. At this time the Moon is very visible in the night sky. It said to be an objective time where conscious awareness and objectivity replace feelings and psychic impressions. It’s said that at this time that the cycle’s purpose is realised and we come into full conscious awareness of the intention planted at the New Moon. 
A Lunar Ecplise occurs at the point of maximum stress and acts a catalyst for dramatic change based on previous experience.
Luckily, I spent this full moon with an amazing group of ladies (and men) – yoga teachers, healers and seekers-to do a Mayan Full Moon ceremony. 
Our ceremony was lead by our Soul Sister Alessandra Montana of Tulum Love Warriors who lead us through a Mayan fire ceremony where we honored several things:
-the four directions (South, North, West, East)
-the four spirits
-the four portals connected to the directions (South/Fire, North/Air, West/Water, East/Ether)
all based on the Tzolk’in calendar (the pre-eminent component in the society and rituals of the ancient and the modern Maya).
She also called to the Mayan Spirits
-Spirit of the South-Nohol
-Spirit of the North-Shaman
-Spirit of the West- Chik’in
-Spirit of the East- Lik-k-in
These 4 directions evolve creation by directions evolve creation by cycling from the initiating force of the East 
 to the refining energy of the North
to the transforming energy of the West.
The Mayan suns that represent these directions cycle in our reality every four days
leaving behind a new foundation for the next four, thus continuing to build a
evolutionary ladder of spirit and definition.The last of this evolutionary cycle of directions is the Suns of the South. South takes the
intentions of the east, north and west and make them bloom.
 We blessed each other with Copal, chanted to the Mother in acknowledgement that everything originates from her. 
Then, we walked to the ocean, entered the warm water, and connected with the Mother that is our ocean.
CherokeeMoonMany cultures celebrate the full moon- it has been told that Cherokee women would dance from the time the new lunar crescent appears until the setting of the Moon. Their dance is repeated several evenings.
The women’s dance is believed to help the world be reborn.
My experience of the full moon in Tulum with Alessandra and my other Soul Sisters from Yoga Adventures Tulum redeemed my faith in the power of Circles of Women in connection with the moon.
On this full moon tonight, take the time to connect with this energy and honor the feminine aspect of this power in your life. 

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