‘Perfect Strangers’

Tulum is always full of surprises and this Thanksgiving was no different.

While I knew spending Thanksgiving in Mexico would be different than the typical turkey dinner and football-this one was even more unique.

Originally, I scrambled to find something more along the lines of an ‘American Thanksgiving‘ and was invited to dinner with some amazing expat yoginis.

But, then I was invited to a Gratitude Ceremony with Bobby Klein.BobbyKlein

Bobby is amazing intuitive energy worker who was one of the first acupuncturists in the US and instrumental in getting the practice legalized in CA.

Beyond that, he is a righteous dude who hung out with the Doors, Steve Martin and photographed the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.  Bobby then went on to achieve a doctorate in clinical psychology and now lives in Tulum doing healing and counseling work.

Our Dia de Gratitud included a lesson on the pineal gland (and it’s role in regulating DMT in the human brain) and meditation.

Then, we did an amazing exercise on meeting our ‘Perfect Stranger‘.

Bobby asked us to find someone who we did not know and connect with them in a gratitude ceremony.

First, we did an eye gazing exercise then took just 1 minute to tell each other what we were grateful for without interruption or feedback.

If you’ve never done eye-gazing, it’s an intense exercise.  Sitting across from another person and staring at them without blinking is disarming.   At first, I found myself engaged in some sort of ‘stand off‘ with my partner, trying to be the last to blink.  Then, there is that moment of laughter-that moment when we feel complete discomfort at having another person stare directly into our eyes.  

Soon after, that amazing moment when the mask disappears and you realize you are gazing directly into the other person’s humanity.  The perceived separation between you and them melts away and you feel such intense LOVE for this person who was just a stranger only moments ago.

At first, the ego wants you to fight it- to retreat back into the state of “I-ness”.  But, if you give into it-amazing connection happens.

Next, we spent 1 minute telling each other what we are grateful for and it was in this exercise I got the greatest gift.

While listing things she is grateful for, my partner said something that taught me a huge lesson. She said:

“I am grateful to myself for trusting my path”

After our group meditation, we all connected and this woman and I had a chance to talk and I expressed to her how amazed I was that she listed herself as something she was grateful for-that it had never occurred to me to be thankful for myself.

Then she said something so simple, so PERFECT, I wrote it in my journal

Isn’t that the point of all yoga?  Of all of it?  If we can’t be thankful for our gifts and what we have to offer-how are we of use to anybody.”

That’s about as perfect of a Thanksgiving, of a Dia de Gratitud, than I can ask for!gratitudebeach

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