The Ultimate Declaration of Love

Ahhhhh….Valentine’s day. That time of year when everyone struggles to bring more romance into their lives.

But, in our current era where even an e-card feels like too much work and we text instead of speak to our loves and lovers-romance seems lost.


Tonight, a friend and I went to a hip-hop class at the ODC.  The teacher was old-school and played Mary J Blige, The Sugarhill Gang and LL Cool J.

How could this be romantic you say?

‘I need your ruby lips, sweet face and all

ill love you more than a man who is 10 feet tall

id watch the sunrise in oh your eyes

We’re so in love, when we hug we become paralyzed’

Cheesy, yes.  But in the 90s, after a few Zimas (yes, I said it!)  or rum and cokes in a dark nightclub dancing real slow and close-this was romance.

Fast forward to 2014 in SF filled with dubstep (well, if you land at the wrong club) and texting as the dominant form of communication.

How do we bring romance back?

I say, begin with the music (not that we have to listen to Jodeci again).

Make your lover, your baby, your boo that everlasting symbol of love:

Make him or her a mix tape.

Ok, maybe not a tape or a CD-maybe an iTunes playlist with a cute name like ‘Songs to sleep to’ or ‘Lyrics for my lady’.

It doesn’t matter.SLowJams

What DOES matter is that you took the time to sort through a bunch of songs with words that remind you of your love or lover.

That you made something just for them, thinking of holding them close as you listened to that song, that slow jam, even that Burning Man mix that reminds you of dancing to Robot Heart deep playa.

Declare your love-bring the mix tape back!

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