Mexican Saints Are Named Jorn

You never know what to expect in Tulum.

Here, I’ve found Latin love in many ways-I’ve found a community of sisters who also like yoga and Mezcal-and I’ve met strangers who become the best of friends.

But, I had no idea I’d meet a saint named Jornimage.

I woke this morning and realized I’d lost my phone.  It fell out of my bag on my dark walk back to the hotel and-since I was relishing in a mode of not being attached to technology-I missed my SF evening routine of checking texts before I go to sleep.

I woke wanting to run to music on the beach and realized my phone was gone!

Now, let me give you some history on the past 4 months-I’ve had my wallet stolen from a yoga studio-I lost a brand new iPhone 5 that I’d been waiting until my 2 year contract was up-and I’ve had TWO (count em TWO) car windows smashed out in SF.

I’ve been pretty much fucked in the karma department lately.

Entre Jorn

Not only does he find my phone on the beach-he then spends the entire day tracking me down from a) texting my last 5 contacts to explain he found my phone along with his phone number- b) he found my last wireless connection ( at a local hotel where I was checking email) and went there to see if they knew me -c) pulled up my photos in my phone to show people what I looked like and left his info at several places on the beach and d) once we finally connected via my friend Sadie Kay(who got his text and emailed his phone number to me) he BROUGHT my phone TO ME and very hesitantly took the $20 I insisted he take.

He explained-he and his friends are tour guides (reach them at and he said they LOVE challenges like this.  He said all 5 of he and his friends run this tour guide company and love to help people.

He asked that I pay it forward and do something nice for someone.

I’d just about given up on karma -started to doubt basic human goodness-stopped believing in human nature.

Then a saint named Jorn came along and restored my faith.

Only in Tulum…..

3 thoughts on “Mexican Saints Are Named Jorn

  1. Amazing story! See, there *are* great people in the world. They just don’t live on the mean streets of San Francisco, apparently. And there is *nothing* wrong with your karma!

    Glad you’re finding your faith in humanity restored. Here’s hoping that you can bring it home to us. Love you, lady.

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