I forgot my Facebook password and the Blood Moon happened anyway…..

LunarDid you see it???  That gorgeous, huge red moon late Monday evening that everyone was freaking out about??

Well, I didn’t  (insert sad face here).

The reason-after a very hilly run with my beloved San Francisco Hash House Harriers-I was too damn tired.

So, I thought I’d resort to Facebook to vicariously live through the others all while in the comfort of my own bed.

But-then, disaster!!!  I couldn’t remember my new Facebook password.

Thanks to that damn HeartBleed bug-I’d changed my Facebook password (then immediately forgot it!)

The Lunar Eclipse/ Blood Moon was happening without my witnessing it!! (Albeit, through social media)

Full Moons are a big deal for me-I usually lead a Full Moon Samskara burning ceremony where we write down patterns that we’d like to release and burn them under the moon.

For the full moon in March, I spent it in Tulum with some of my favorite ladies.  We did a Mayan fire ceremony, ran into the warm ocean and then danced under the stars which always feel so close in Tulum.

So, for this full moon, missing it felt extra sad.

When I woke  the next morning-I found that my morning meditation was easy, my mind was more calm and my mood optimistic.  SpringMoon

As I was getting ready, catching up on my laptop I logged into Facebook (once I remembered where I wrote my new password).  As I searched for people’s photos and thoughts on La Luna, I realized how much they were buried among the crap everyone posts.  Crap I’m also guilty of posting.  Which is cool if we recognize it as crap.  But, I found heated arguments over things like “Game of Thrones” and desperate posts where people are looking for validation (the kind that’s immediately lost when the next post doesn’t get any ‘likes’).

And, I certainly can’t judge-I find myself doing it too.  And, the only times I get off of that roller coaster of false approval is when I can’t remember my Facebook password (or when I’m in Tulum)

I realized that as we are all scrambling to remain significant, to have a voice and be heard by others in rapidly changing status updates-that Blood Moon was trying to remind us of just the opposite.

The moon tells us something different-that beyond the fleeting, fluctuating objects that make up our world-there is a constant, unchanging absolute.  That we are part of something larger and a hell of alot more resilient than what our Facebook status tells we are.

Of course, yoga theory always says it best.  In the Upanishadas it says the following:

“The individual soul, being in fact a part and parcel of the infinite existence, is in its essential nature identical with the transcendent reality.  The individual soul, veiled from the knowledge of its essential divinity and it’s consciousness limited by encasing sheaths of matter, ever seeks to overcome the limitation and sense of incompleteness.”

The Lunar Eclipse/ Blood Moon still happened, it happened without status updates or ‘likes’ or ‘re-tweets’.  It exists without that false external validation-just as we do.

(It is not without irony that I have posted this on Facebook for you to read)

Happy Spring,

Love Autumn

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