Like a Boss….

Each Equinox-I make a dedication.AutumnGoddess

Maybe it’s the now-SF hippie in me.  Maybe it’s my namesake.

Either way, as each season changes-I pick a dedication-a mantra of sorts-to define my season.

Admittedly it’s usually a yoga-type phrase ‘Ahimsa‘ (non-violence) was a good one- ‘Bhramacharya‘ (integrity in sexuality or sometimes chastity) was an especially boring 3 months predictably.

But, the motto for Spring 2015 is this………

‘Be Like A Boss’

I was inspired by my Dj-daddy-Burner-and overall righteous friend who Djed a bad ass set at a party which he helped hold at the Chabot Space and Science Center (no bullshit)DaveSimon

This dude came from being a parent-husband-tech worker to Djing at an all night party. His set reflected his growth as a DJ-his talents as well as an ability to manifest and grow into someone who could create vibrations and pulses and sounds that built energy and inspired us to sweat, groove and dance our asses off!

As I watched him-and joined in serenading his set-allI could say was

‘He does it Like A Boss…….’

The Urban Dictionary describes ‘Like A Boss’ as ‘holdin’ it down better than anybody or anything else in the history of everything ever’

Inspired by my friend-I decided this season’s theme will be this.

Forget going out like a lamb.

I’m going to be the lion.


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