Double Rainbows and Halos

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.

Native American Proverb

I’m mourning my friend, Art Gimbel, who perished in an accident last Friday. I was in the car and survived but processing and trying to find meaning. The rainbow helped me do this.

This past January, I went to my favorite place on earth,Tulum-,for the post-BPM parties. One amazing day, my friends and I crashed a party on the beach where chill down-tempo music was playing. It was one of those perfect Tulum moments, warm water under a partly cloudy sky, great music and cool people. Suddenly, it started to mist and before we knew it-there was a rainbow across the sky! A miracle! Then-a double rainbow!! 

DoubleRainbowI saw it and broke into a yoga pose-back bending as if I were drinking it all in-the sun, the rain, Tulum itself.

As soon as I came out of it, I saw my friend Art Gimbel. He was pointing the camera at me so I did the backbend  again and he took this amazing photo. When I stood up and glanced over, he winked as if to say ‘Yeah, I got this!’

I’d met Art Gimbel at festivals, Burning Man events and through several female friends who he’d dated. We recognized each other as kindred sprits, always in fun places and always up to no good.

Last week, I was in Tulum again and received a message from Art. ‘Going to Further Future? Want to?’

I’d had a few ghetto-ritas that day and was feeling adventurous, plus I knew Art ensured a good time, so I said yes.

The next morning, I woke in Tulum to strange weather and looked up at the sky. In fact, everyone was looking up and taking photos. Around the sun was a rainbow-a halo.

HaloTulumThere are a lot of interpretations on a halo around the sun. Some believe it means rain ahead, some believe it means invasion from another tribe, one interpretation says ‘it means the ruler will perish’.

All I know is that a rainbow to me shows me the brilliance of the Universe.

It shows me both how small and insignificant we are and also how much every action, every moment matters.

And, now while I search for meaning and reason, the rainbow teaches me there is brilliance in every one of us.

Now, Art’s light is shining down on us at the most unexpected times, winking and saying ‘Yeah, I got this’

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