Be The Escargot

Today is a hard day. I’m just a week out of a major car accident that resulted in 30+ staples in my leg and the loss of a friend.

So, to entertain myself-I went over messages from my friend Art Gimbel and was soon laughing. While I wasn’t a close friend of Art’s-more a couple of buddies who ran into each other at parties and hung out-I found this hysterical story that made me smile. laugh and put my pain in perspective

BPMTulumArt Gimbel and I realized we were both headed to Tulum, Mexico for the post- BPM Festival parties. Since I spend almost half of my time in Tulum and had suggestions on places to stay, eat and party, we agreed to meet to strategize.

Unfortunately, I had scheduled a bride’s maids meeting at my place that same night. ‘No problem’, I thought ‘I’ll meet up with Art and his crew after’

Big mistake.

My bride-to-be friend is extremely organized, so planning anything with the other girls requires minimal effort. So, instead, we drank champagne and hung out. During all of this, I forgot to eat.

Enter Art.

I teetered in my heels down to  Amelie Wine Bar where he and his friends were patiently waiting. Upon seeing my condition, they graciously offered me some of the flatbread and cheese they had on the table. Totally generous and sweet.

So, what do I do?

I’m very particular about what I order at Amelie. In fact,I only order 3 items off of their menu. Totally unsophisticated, I know.

I declare ‘I only eat escargot here!‘ as I order a glass of wine. Now, escargot take awhile to make properly and Amelie does it right. Sadly, that delay also equaled another glass of wine down the hatch and I was useless to give anyone ANY information, especially that about a foreign country. They all watched me devour my escargot when they came and Art joked ‘BE the Escargot!!!’

Art patiently encouraged me to eat bread, laughed at my bad jokes and he and his friends walked me safely home.

The next morning, I woke embarrassed and with a champagne headache. I felt awful that Art had arranged this meeting and I showed up tipsy and useless!

I texted Art a groveling apology and waited for a response.

After a long wait-I got my response.

‘No worries AutumnEscargot


Funny memories like these are what keep me grounded and help me laugh through my pain.

Maybe I won’t be Wonder Woman anytime soon-but I can always be the escargot!

Thanks for the laugh Art-perfect timing as always 😉


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